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Time Passes . Its time for a new hello . Wednesday, June 12, 2013 @ 8:23 PM

its been a year since i write again in my blog . These are something that happend to me for the past year and my recent activity :

  1. in 2012 I was a SPM student , so I was very busy .
  2. I got my SPM results and Alhamdulilah :) 
  3. in July , Im gonna fly to KL to attend Taylor's University
  4. I have a drivers license 
  5. Had explore Singapore
  6. Work at my dad's clinic
  7. Tryout online shopping and lovin it !
  8. Explore beauty
  9. Exercise
  10. Had gone to do National Service for the 1st 3 months in 2013
  11. Done A LOT of shopping
  12. Had the K-pop fever down
and I cant thinking anymore but still I had done lots of shit.

And in July I'm gonna start on my own youtube channel and vlog . 
But I dont really can keep up my blog here but Im gonna try okeyy !
Plus Im gonna be very busy as university student . FOUNDATION IN SCIENCE !
I'm gonna be a food scientist in shaa Allah . 
Bye for now . Assalamualaikum .

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