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Brokedown Sunday, April 17, 2011 @ 12:22 PM

I never been in my weakest moment so far in my life before . When I need you , youre not here to comfort me . I know is a distance problem but still whenever I come to you , you are in a middle of something . I dont blame you at all , cause grown ups are involved . People in my new world here , treat me differently . Maybe Im a new civil there , they dont welcome me , or should i say us . Some of them have a grudge for my kind , I dont know . All I can say , Even though your world is known as the best in the Education minister's eyes but you are the worse place a normal student from the outside 's eye . I would bravely say you are the SAMPAH SEKOLAH .1)How could I respect you if you dont at least try to respect me? 2) If you dont like me , then DONE I never ask you to like me . 3) Lie to yourself so you could at least put a makeup smile when i walk pass you . 4) Want to anti ? Fine . but dont trash our stuff . We never done anything wrong to you . Espeacially our PK/PKHem , he/she is only to be better of yourself in the right path . 5) You have received more religious education than we are , but you act like came out from the SLUM .

Lastly , Im so tired of all of you there. Maybe Im the kind of person who go out from the school and tell the people your are the worse ever . SABOTAGE ? Yes .

-the girl who miss SMKPL dearly at 2011-

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