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I Have 3 Calendars On my Desk . Saturday, February 5, 2011 @ 9:45 AM
Salam speedos :)

I just woke up =.= ttb ada angin aku mau update . Last night , all night long I watch Futurama season 6 . I disappoint that its not as stupid as the previous seasons . Mehh , Its was okey . I also want to watch Dream High as my friends talk about the cuteness of their actor They were like "ARR , WOOYOUNG CUTE GILA" and I were like "Duhh , =.=" Oh Yeah , I wore my Justin Bieber Tee to OB last night with my mom . People looking me like a freak show just because I wore JB Tee . Im awesome cause know , nobody have the dignity to wear it in public :) The truth is Im not a JB fan . AT ALL . But I dont hate him , I dont like him either .

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