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Sexy Beast Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 8:17 PM
honestly , i dont know how to respond to that .
and thank you for waking me up and make me realize
that i am not your BEST of all your friends .

and you are right .
I did change ,
from a quite secretive girl to ass kicking clown .
but in other perspective i change too .
from a natural smooth face to full of acne and covers it with powder that is not even my skin colour . YES , I turn into a clown .

I still love you and want to hang out with you but
I do want to explore . I want to have connection all over the planet .
but nobody can replace you in my heart , well in my
"best friend" section . there is only one chair and the space is not big and actually smaller the your room but it smells nice :D .
and the chair has a name tag called


Im sorry if I accidentally make you hurt ,
I have no attention to do so .
I always for your health in my prays
and good luck in life .
hope you'll 9A's in PMR
(pray for me too lha)

Good Night .
Salam .

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